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Glee Fanfic Awards

Glee FanFic Awards
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A way of celebrating the very best Glee fanfiction, and the authors who lovingly write it.

What We Are:
A community dedicated to recognizing the works of authors in the Glee fandom.
How It Works:
Each year you'll get a chance to nominate your favourite fanfiction for various awards. After the nomination period, the nominated fics will be compiled into a list and you'll be able to vote for your favourite fics. The 3 fics with the most votes in their respective category will win, will be crowned the winners.
What You Win:
- A nifty glee_fic_awards Winner certificate banner, clearly demarking you as a writer of awesomeness and an inspiration to us all!
- Eternal bragging rights at having won in the first annual Glee Fanfic Awards!! (I know - it's too awesome for words, right?)
A Note:
Do not join this community, it is closed membership, all of the relevant posts will be public, simply watch the community to receive notifications for updates, it makes life easier for everyone.